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Kane Williamson, the New Zealand captain, plans to apologise to Jofra Archer after he was the victim of "horrific" racial abuse on the final day of the first Test in Mount Maunganui.

Williamson said he was shocked to hear about the incident and that neither he nor his teammates were aware of it until Archer tweeted about it on Monday night.

New Zealand prides itself on its multi-cultural society and has, as ever, provided a warm welcome to the England team. But Williamson wants to apologise on behalf of all New Zealanders when the sides meet again in Hamilton in the coming days and try to ensure "nothing like that ever happens again."

"It's certainly against everything that we as Kiwis are about, and I certainly hope that nothing like that ever happens again," Williamson told "I can only apologise on behalf of Kiwis to Jofra, not only from our team and how we look to conduct ourselves, but what we expect of Kiwis in general.

"It's a horrific thing. In a country, and a setting where it is very much multi-cultural, it's something we need to put to bed quickly and hope nothing like that ever happens again. It certainly won't if there's any influence we can have on it.

"Was I shocked? Absolutely, 100 percent. I will try see him over the next few days if I can, definitely."

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