NBA Won't Allow 'Ninja-Style Headwear' to Be Worn by Players During Games

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA’s competition committee has banned the use of “ninja-style headwear” for the upcoming season. Apparently there are safety concerns with the wide headbands that leave long strands dangling when tied in the back.

"The NBA notified teams that it won't allow players to wear "ninja-style headwear" this season, NBA spokesman Mike Bass tells ESPN. The headwear "...hasn't been through the league approval process. Teams have raised concerns regarding safety and consistency of size, length ..."

Wojnarowski wasn’t the first to hint at the ban. Philadelphia 76ers forward Mike Scott favors the look and apparently got word of the news on Friday.

If you’re not familiar with the look, Bleacher Report put together a compilation of players who helped popularize the style last season. Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler, New Orleans Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday, Brooklyn Nets center Jarrett Allen and Sacramento Kings guard De’Aaron Fox were among the players sporting the tie-back band last season

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