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File - Female Iranian football fans watching from a distance as the Iranian national football team trains in Tehran.

Two Iranian soccer superstars and other players have sympathized with a young female football fan who set herself on fire on September 1, after being sentenced to jail for trying to enter a stadium and watch a men's soccer match.

Women are not allowed in Iran to enter stadiums and watch men’s sports. There is no written law for the ban but clerical, conservative judges and law enforcement officials prevent women from entering stadiums to watch men’s matches.

The 29-year-old suffered from 90% third-degree burns and was kept under life support before she passed away earlier this week.

"They detained my sister on March 12, 2019, when she tried to enter Azadi Stadium, and watch Tehran's Esteqlal soccer club home match against the United Arab Emirates' Al Ain, FC," the sister of the girl (nicknamed as Sara) told local media.

Security forces arrested the woman, who has bipolar disorder and was under treatment. Immediately after stopping her, the security agents took her to the infamous Qarchak prison, in Varamin south of Tehran.

Sara was released later, but when she went to the prosecutor's office to collect her confiscated cellphone, she found out that a six-month jail sentence was waiting for her.

Enraged by the situation, Sara poured gasoline on herself and set it alight.

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